With our relocation service we make all processes easier for you, so you only have to think of how to decorate your new home

Argenvans Relocation

We provide Corporate Mobility Solutions in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country. Our tailored-made programs are focused on guaranteeing the wellbeing of the expat family, providing our assistance and support during the whole process. We aim at making the expat feel at home in the new country, so that he/she can enjoy all the benefits of an international experience, and be as productive as ever in the new workplace.

Orientation meeting

  • Initial needs assessment meeting with the client)

  • Provision of a “welcome pack” (with maps, brochures and a day-to-day guide in the country)

  • Guided tour through the main residential quarters

  • Visit suitable houses / apartments in each area

  • Orientation and advice on the education system

  • information and tips on living in the new country

Finding the right home

  • Property search and pre-qualification

  • We accompany the expat and family on all appointments with real estate brokers

  • Negotiation of rental agreements

  • Inspection of the new home and inventory check

  • Setting up utility services

  • Assistance on the purchase / rental of furniture / household appliances

  • Ongoing contact with Argenvans’ agent (up to 4 months after expiration of the agreement)


  • Assessing education solutions before leaving the country of origin

  • School options – advantages and disadvantages

  • Arranging of meetings with the heads of schools selected

  • We accompany expats to appointments with school authorities/ heads

  • We provide assistance with school enrollment

  • Assistance with acquiring school uniforms and other items

When leaving your country

  • Full international moving service

  • Ending the rental agreement and refund of your security deposit

  • Inventory check

  • Cancelling of utilities before you move

  • Coordinate the return of any furniture or item which is not part of the move

  • Cancelling of any club memberships

Getting acquainted with the country

  • Finding your way around neighborhood: Shopping, health centres, etc.

  • Assisting with opening bank accounts and bank procedures

  • Activities for expat wives: courses, involvement in charitable organizations, etc.

  • Healthcare system: provide a list of recommended heathcare practitioners

  • Introduction to expat organizations

  • Assistance on the day of the move

  • We provide a list of household service suppliers (plumbers, electricians, maid services, etc.)

  • Basic information on how to run through formal or administrative procedures in the country. Setting up utilities

  • Ongoing contact with Argenvans’ Agent (up to 4 months after the service is completed)